Company History

Engineered Environments, Inc. ("EEI " or the "Company") is an S-corporation organized in the State of Florida. The corporation was formed on August 3, 1982 when it began operations as a computer a/c and power consulting firm. EEI's initial services were targeted toward consulting on computer power problems for companies installing new computer systems. Based upon demand by their customers, EEI began installing access flooring and uninterrupted power supplies, as well as providing fire protection services specifically designed for computer rooms. Eventually, the Company began designing and building customized computer rooms to house its clients' mainframe computers. Some of their major customers at that time included; Office Depot, Sensormatic, Bell South, Interim Services and Pratt & Whitney.

In the early 1990's, the computer industry began changing. As the computers became smaller and more powerful, the demand for large computer rooms began to decrease. As this evolution took place, EEI's computer related projects decreased and the company began doing general contracting work. Some of the projects that the company was involved in as general contractors include building an MRI facility and low cost housing in Boca Raton, as well as some work on the Pompano Beach City Pier.

In 1994 A corporate acquaintance contacted EEI to build a cellular telephone site. Once this project was completed, EEI was contracted to build additional sites for all other major cellular and PCS companies. The Company's quality of workmanship allowed them to enter this industry and receive additional jobs.

Corporate Culture

EEI's management is extremely informal. The Company has always operated under the assumption that all employees should be treated with respect and professionalism. The Company's management strives to remain flexible with work schedules and stresses the importance of family to all of its employees.